Offshore overnight fishing charter boat 102217 Virginia Beach

Heres the report from our offshore fishing charter when we went overnight this weekend out of the Virginia Beach fishing center in rudee inlet. 

This weekend we had a great forecast for nice weather and decided to do an overnight fishing charter out of the Virginia Beach fishing center in rudee inlet. The plan was to head to the norfolk canyon and fish for swordfish, which we did but after a couple of tries and no bites we decided to fish for tuna in the evening. We caught a nice 78 pound yellowfin in the evening on saturday, then set up to drift as it got dark. The hope was to catch a swordfish, but we didnt get any swordfish bites, but caught several really nice sharks, including some hammerheads up to 10 feet long and we killed a nice 98 pound spinner shark for the grill. In the morning we started trolling for tuna and caught a nice pair of yellowfins at 73.5 pounds and 80 pounds, then we bailed 35 dolphin really quickly and our last trolling bite of the trip sunday morning was a nice 161# bigeye tuna that we landed after a 1 hour and 20 minute fight on a 50 wide. Very fun and very productive fishing on sunday morning, but we still had a little space in the box, so we stopped up around the norfolk canyon and caught a quick limit of tilefish with two citations at 10 pounds, and caught about 50 keeper sea bass. We came home with a boat full of fish, with several citations including 3 yellowfins at 73.5#, 78#, and 80#, a 161# bigeye tuna, 2 hammmerhead shark releases, and 2 blueline tilefish citations. Great fishing and a great trip. We have plenty of dates available for charter and the fishing should be great for at least the next couple weeks as more tuna and swordfish move into the area. If you are interested in chartering a boat and going on a charter fishing trip out of the Virginia Beach Fishing Center in Virginia Beach, please call captain Jake at 7577496008. Thanks


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